DawnStar is the Owner of SSSWC, she is the leader of ThunderClan; and has a gleaming silver pelt. Her eyes are a glacial blue and reflect off the stars. She also has a white star on her forehead. DawnStar is vicious, fast and clever. Her mate is StagHeart of ThunderClan, and currently has three kits.

 WolfHeart is the Co-Owner of SSSWC, she is the Deputy of ThunderClan. WolfHeart, her character, has a dark grey pelt and light grey paws. Her eyes are a swift blue and has large sharp teeth. She is loyal, but can be vicious when cornered, quite fast and always finds a bright side to everything and likes to make friends. 


  LionStar is a very trustworthy Administrator; she is third in command on the site, and is also the Leader of WindClan. She plays her character as a  large tom called LionStar, he has a ginger tabby pelt, the color of a lion's, with normal tabby stripes. He has amber eyes, and his left eye is slightly blind, making him only see shadows of things. Lionstar is about five seasons old. He is usually warm hearted unless annoyed, and always tries to think of the best for his clan. 



 Fang is the third Administrator on SSSWC, also the Leader of BloodClan. She has a sleek black figure, and striking green eyes. A very cunning and sly feline, but has a soft side when it comes to cats she cares about, even though it rarely shows. She's always loyal to her clan. Her current mate is Falconclaw, from Thunderclan. She has been unactive for a while...


SilverMoon is the only Moderator on SSSWC; he plays his cat as the Deputy of WindClan. SilverMoon has a light silver pelt, with stinning forest green eyes. He can be quite vicious but is friendly and loves to make friends. He is loyal, tough and very fast.



 FrostBrook is the Ex-Founder of SSSWC and a part time moderator , she is a Warrior of WindClan. Her pelt is a silky ginger, with faint darker lines covering her whole body. A tad of white also covers part of her chin and near to her neck. She always try to answer and work hard to keep the site in place and loves to roleplay with others.

Other Cats She Plays:

DuskPetal - ThunderClan

Amber - Loner  wc

MistFall - ShadowClan mist

FeatherTalon - WindClan sss

Rain - BloodClan rpg

 1) Respect all staff, don't be rude to them at all, unless there has been a rights abuse in a situation.
2) If you have started a fight, find a administrator, and confront the person, that had started it, or who your arguing with.
4) Never be an imposter, for a administrator, moderator, or leaders, and other high ranks, we can easily identify you.
5) Leaders, Medicine cats, and deputies have to be active on this site.
6) Do not swear on the site, anywhere, and any time, otherwise you shall be warned.
7) If you are going to kill a cat, please refrain using words like "Kills", or anything like that, do proper role-play.
8) No spamming.
9) If your a rogue, use rogue names, not clan names, and if your a clan cat, use a clan name.
10) Do not threaten anyone, or starting harrasing, you will only be warned once. 
Make your biography for your cat!
Use this template for help:
Roleplay example (This is only for people who are choosing to be high ranks, I expect atleast a paragraph, with good grammar. If you do not write a good enough paragraph or don't even write one; me and staff will have the right to decline your character.)
When you post the template, message the site owner, ex-founder, co-owner, or administrator. Message Lionstar for now because the others are fairly in-active.
(If the joinng box doesnt work send your application to FrostStar.)