All four clans walk across a large stiff branch, to reach the island for a gathering. Only the four leaders of each clan stand on the high rock, to speak and tell good news, about the clan. Peace is held under every full moon, at the gatherings. No one is to fight..





Before going into Moon pool, the medicine cats wait here, until it is Moon high. A small pool is near by to drink from, and moss nests are around the area in a circle. Ancient paw prints are noticeable, some say there ancestors did this for a sign of peace.

 WARNING: Only medicine cats, medicine cat apprentices, and leaders are allowed in here. If you are caught here, being an imposter, you will be warned once. The next time you are seen in here, you will be banned, unless you have a good reason.



Moonpool is a peaceful place for medicine cats, and leadrs to communicate with starclan, and share signs. A hole through the rock wall, lets water flow through the pool, the waters sometimes cold but sometimes warm, it comes from a spring in the mountains. The moonlight reflects off the rocks and onto the pool, giving a outstanding shine of light blue.

 Warning: Medicine Cats/Medicine Cats Apprentice's and Leaders are only allowed here.