Cats Of The Outside World:




Amber - A tortoiseshell she-cat with deep amber eyes. 




Mostly loners and rogues walk these paths, hunting pure flesh of animals, or maybe looking for a fight..    

                (The picture shows the front door of the house, not the back, you'd probably rp the house, and the back garden)  

This is where the Kittypets live, a forest lies at the back of there house, kittypets are able to leap over there fence, and roam the territorys and junkyard, beware clan cats, or rogues may find you..

                                                           HOUSE ONE




This is where, loners, rogues, or even kittypets, come to get food, but sometimes it can turn out to be a fighting area, so beware. Chaos Rogues, rarley come down from the moutains, to try and feed in Leaf-Bare.  


This is an abandoned part of the forest, close to the ThunderClan and RiverClan Border but not close enough to be disturbed by Clan or Clanless Cats. The territory is filled with woodland mice, voles, and birds.


This part of the forest is far off from any of the Clans, its an abandoned path and one the most quiet places in the whole forest. it is at the edge of the mountains as it steeps up. (The other mountains opposite of the Tribe of Rushing Water.)

BloodClans territory starts here, enter if you dare... 

Enter The BloodClan Site If You Dare